Conversion tool for dataset

NAME - liCO AIStudio dataset conversion tool


python3 [options]

DESCRIPTION Supports LiCO V7.0.0 and later versions.Convert AIStudio datasets to LaDL datasets between LiCO versions.


-h, --help

show this help message and exit.


Migrate all datasets


List AIStudio dataset information.


Migrates the AIStudio dataset UUID specified for a single dataset. This can be found by using the -l parameter to display the resulting dataset details.


The output directory after migration.


An attempt is made to obtain the user"s home directory. If this fails, the user is required to pass in this parameter.

-t, {standard,autodl,all}

Type of the object detection dataset to be exported.

standard: LaDL Default Format;

autodl: LaDL AutoDL Format;

all[default]: Both standard and autodl are generated.


Delete the AIStudio dataset after migration.


View AI Studio dataset details

Migrate all AIStudio datasets

Migrate all AIStudio datasets and delete them

Migrate the specified AIStudio dataset

Migrate the specified AIStudio dataset and delete it

The migration specifies that the AIStudio Object type data set is in autodl format