Please refer to the following link for the confluent OS deployment process:

Preparing for Operating System Deployment

The confluent deployment process for installing over InfiniBand requires the following modifications:

Net config fixup postscript

InfiniBand network configuration does not work as expected out of the box. If not installing Mellanox OFED, the following is an example of a postscript that can be added to correct that behavior:

# cat /install/postscripts/fixipoib
echo 'install mlx5_core /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install mlx5_core; /sbin/modprobe mlx5_ib; /sbin/modprobe ib_ipoib' >> /<profile dir>/scripts/post.d/mlx.conf
echo 'add_drivers+="mlx5_ib ib_ipoib"' > /<profile dir>/scripts/post.d/mlx.conf
dracut -f

Kernel command line configuration

Change the profile.yaml file in the the OS profile to be deployed to add:

# insmod="ib_ipoib"

and run

# osdeploy updateboot <OS profile name>