Known issues:

  1. Updating the XCC backup firmware on Lenovo servers with nodefirmware may appear to succeed but updates the primary bank instead, when using the default *.zip file such as

    This can be worked around by extracting the *.zip file and using the *.uxz payload file directly with nodefirmware:

     # unzip
     # ls -1 *

    index.json lnvgy_fw_xcc_qgx306n-1.00_anyos_comp.chg


    The *.uxz file under the payloads directory may then be used to update the XCC backup firmware in the usual fashion:

     # nodefirmware <nodename> update payloads/lnvgy_fw_xcc_qgx306n-1.00_anyos_comp.uxz --backup
  2. In some cases updating the XCC primary firmware with nodefirmware on Lenovo servers may fail with an error, such as below, when using the default *.zip file such as

    Nodes had errors updating (<nodename>)! <nodename>: (‘[{“@odata.type”: “#Message.v1_1_2.Message”, “MessageId”: “Update.1.0.VerificationFailed”, “MessageSeverity”: “Critical”, “Message”: “Verification of image 'upload_file' at 'Unknown' failed.”, “Resolution”: “None.”, “MessageArgs”: [“upload_file”, “Unknown”]}]’,)

    As in item 1. above, the problem can be worked around by extracting the *.uxz payload file from the *.zip package and using it directly:

     #nodefirmware <nodename> update payloads/lnvgy_fw_xcc_qgx306n-1.00_anyos_comp.uxz
  3. After updating XCC or UEFI firmware, the “Pending” status may not show if the system is managed via Redfish. The update is in fact pending, but the status does not show. To get the status to show, change the management method to IPMI:
     # nodeattrib <nodename> hardwaremanagement.method=ipmi
  4. nodefirmware may report an error on BMU type update when there is no actual error. To confirm if the error is actually valid or there is no error. Monitor the update (the boot to BMU and boot back to previous state after firmware update is complete) and check the firmware level after the update. If the firmware is updated then ignore the nodefirmware error message.

  5. When doing a nodefirmware update on a BMU type update, nodefirmware will return a pending status. This is actually the wrong state of the update as the update would be done and the firmware already applied. Reading the firmware should confirm that the update is already applied.