In order to opt into using confluent as your console service, set the site table value for consoleservice:

# chtab key=consoleservice site.value=confluent

Current xCAT versions include a command called makeconfluentcfg. This command can be used without arguments to try to define or update all node configuration in confluent based on xCAT configuration.

# makeconfluentcfg

To create or update only a subset:

# makeconfluentcfg rack1

Note that the confluent network model does not currently map directly to the xCAT model. Notably, if wanting to indicate a static gateway for the sake of autodiscovery, you would want to set the net.ipv4_gateway attribute on a confluent group or confluent nodes. For example:

# nodegroupattrib everything net.mgt.ipv4_gateway=

The mgt value in the above example can be any name. It is used to group distinct network settings together if multiple network interfaces are specified. It’s also possible to omit the name if there is only a single interface to configure.